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Voorgerechten – Starters

1. Babaganuş 5,50
Gegrilde auberginesalade, tomaten munt en peper
rilled egg-plant salad with tomatoes, mint and pepper

2. Gûzyar € 5,50
Walnotensalade met crouton, sesamzaadpasta en pepersaus
Walnut salad with crouton, crushed sesame seeds and pepper

3. Humus 5,50
Kikkererwten met sesamzaadpasta
Spiced ground chick peas with crushed sesame seeds

4. Dilokî 5,50
Fijn gesneden tomaten met pittige pepersaus
Chopped tomatoes with hot pepper sauce

5. Dumast 5,50
Koerdische dikke yoghurt met komkommer, knoflook, dille en munt 
Kurdish thick yoghurt with cucumber, garlic, dill and mint

6. Sîyalê 5,50
Gebakken verse spinaziesalade
Baked fresh spinach salad

7. Dolme trê 5,50
Gevulde druivenbladeren met rijst en kruiden
Filled grape leaves with rice and herbs

8. Avocado mezze € 5,50
Avocado met komkommer, ui, knoflook en yoghurt saus
Avocado with cucumber, onion, garlic and yogurt sauce

9. Mezzes € 17,50
Diverse mezzes (bovengenoemde voorgerechten) van de kok (voor 2 personen)
–  A combination of starters (for 2 persons)

Warme Voorgerechten – Warm Starters

10. Çorba 6,50
Soep van de dag
Soup of the day

11. Boraka Penir 5,50
Bladerdeeg gevuld met feta kaas
Deep fried pastry rolls filled with feta cheese

12. Garnalen € 7,00
Gebakken garnalen met peper, tomaten, knoflook en peterselie
Fried shrimps with pepper, tomatoes, garlic and parsley

13. Kutilk € 6,50
Bulgar balletjes gevuld met gekruid gehakt en geserveerd met tomatensaus
Bulgar balls filled with seasoned minced meat and served with tomato sauce

14. Kutilk vegetarisch € 6,50
Aardappelen, peper en ui geserveerd met tomatensaus
Potatoes, pepper and onion served with tomato sauce

15. Ispenax € 5,50
Vers gebakken spinazie met ei
Fresh baked spinach with egg


Salades – Salads

16. Cotyar 6,50
Fetasalade met fijn gesneden tomaten, komkommer, ui en peterselie
Feta Salad with finely sliced tomatoes, cucumber, onion and parsley

17. Avokado 6,50
Avocado met tomaten, komkommer, rucola en granaatappelsaus
Avocado with tomatoes, cucumber, arugula and pomegranate sauce

18. Rukola 4,50
Rucola met cherrytomaten en granaatappelsaus 
Arugula with cherry tomatoes and pomegranate sauce

Hoofdgerechten – Main Courses

19. Sîramast 19,50
In roomboter gebakken lamsvlees met aubergines en knoflook-yoghurt 
Lamb and egg-plant, served with thick garlic yoghurt

20. Pêçan 18,50
Opgerolde lamsvlees met groenten en kaas uit de oven
Rolled lamb filets filled with vegetables and cheese from the oven

21. Kuftê firinê 15,50
Lamsgehaktballetjes met groente, tomatensaus en kaas uit de oven
Minced lamb with various vegetables, cheese and tomato sauce from the oven

Vegetarische Hoofdgerechten
Vegetarian Main Courses

22. Balcanên sorkiri 13,50
Gebakken aubergines, courgettes, aardappelen met tomatensaus en yoghurt 
Fried egg-plant, courgettes, potatoes and pepper with yoghurt, garlic and tomato sauce

23. Balcanên dagartî 14,50
Aubergine gevuld met groenten
Egg-plant filled with vegetables

24. Sewze 14,50
Broccoli, aardappelen, wortel, sperziebonen, tomatensaus en kaas uit de oven
Broccoli, potatoes, carrot, green beans, tomato sauce and cheese from the oven

*Alle hoofdgerechten worden geserveerd met bulgar, salade en friet
*All main courses are served with bulgur, salad and fries

Op Houtskool Gegrild – Charcoal Grilled

25. Pîrzola 17,50
Gemarineerde lamskoteletten
Marinated lamb chops

26. Bistê berxê 16,50
Gemarineerde lamsvleesspies
Marinated lamb skewer

27. Kebabê balcanê  14,50
Lamsgehaktspies met aubergines en tomatensaus
Minced lamb skewer with egg-plant and tomato sauce

28. Bistê mirişkê  14,50
Gemarineerde kipkarbonades
Marinated chicken chops

29. Mîro 19,50
Mixed grill (lamsvleesspies lamskoteletten, kipkarbonades)
Mixed grill (lamb chops, lamb skewer, chicken chops)

30. Zeebaars 18,50
Gemarineerde zeebaars 
Marinated sea bass

31. Zeetong dag prijs / day price
Gemarineerde zeetong 
Marinated sole

32. Zalm 17,50
Gemarineerde zalmfilet
Marinated salmon fillets

*Alle op houtskool gegrilde gerechten worden geserveerd met bulgar, salade en friet
All charcoal grilled dishes are served with bulgur, salad and fries


33. Mastehengiv 5,50
Koerdische yoghurt met walnoten en honing 
Kurdish yoghurt with walnut and honey

34. Baklava (Sinegiradane) 5,50
Pistach of walnoten en honing in bladerdeeg 
Filo pastry filled with chopped walnuts or pistachios and honey

35. Bestenî 6,50
Diverse smaken ijs met slagroom 
A variety of ice cream with whipped cream

36. Dessert van de dag  6,50

Winekaart – Winecard

House wine red/white per glas 3,75
½ karaf / decanter 13,50
Per liter 25,00

Dry Red Wines

Yakut 22,50
Yakut is produced from Öküzgözü, Boğazkere, Alicante and Carignan grapes carefully selected from the best vineyards of Eastern Anatolia and Aegean Region. Yakut has strong ripe tannins and a full body on the palate.

Antik 24,50
Antik red is a luscious blend of three different varieties, acquiring its rich body from Boğazkere, its fruity taste and smooth texture from Gamay and its balanced structure from Cinsault. Antik Red invokes the aromas of blackberry and toasted bread.

Öküzgözü Boğazkere 24,50
A dry red blend wine made from “Öküzgözü Boğazkere” grapes indigenous to Anatolia, with cherry and damson flavour, long taste, full-bodied and mild tannins.

Öküzgözü  29,50
A dry red wine made from Öküzgözü grapes. It has intense ruby colour with bright purple and ruby reflections. The nose has notes of red fruits, cherry, nutmeg, tea and strawberry jam. The wine is soft and pleasant to drink with full and well-balanced tannins and has a long finish.

Dry White Wines

Antik 24,50
Antik white is prepared from specially selected “Semillon” and “Emir” grapes of Marmara and Central Anatolian regions, aged in French oak, this is a dry wine of great distinction, with a rich, full body and a most pleasing bouquet.

Hasandede 29,50
A dry white wine made from Hasandede grapes has a brilliant straw yellow colour with golden reflections. It has notes of mint, laurel, linden, quince, lemon leaves. It has grapefruit and green apple aromas with fresh and harmonic palate.

Narince 22,50
A dry white wine made from “Narince” grapes ingenious to Anatolia. Contains notes of tropical fruit, apricot and citrus fruits. It is long-lasting, strong-bodied and has a balanced acidity with a long finish.


Minoj 22,50
A dry white wine made from “Narince” grapes ingenious to Anatolia. Contains notes of tropical fruit, apricot and citrus fruits. It is long-lasting, strong-bodied and has a balanced acidity with a long finish.